So, I have been working on this story, and I  think it’s written really well so far. I really like the way it’s all formed, but the problem is I have no idea where it’s going… no idea what morals it should have… and I really have no idea how it should end. It’s not a novel, just a short story. Here are the two pages I have now. Please read and comment with your thoughts, ideas, criticism, where you think it could go, or any other advice you can think to give.

Many thanks,
Kya Aliana

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Writing For The Soul

Hi Everyone!
I just wanted to say that I published a new short story on my website that I’ve been very busy with this week.
This one is a little different, because it’s more like writing for the soul. This is a story dealing with a lot of what I am going through right now… what I spend my free time thinking about, and in turn, writing about.
I don’t want to give away too many spoilers, though. So head on over to my site and read it! Found on the “Free Stories” tab or just CLICK HERE

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Kya Aliana

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Practice Makes Perfect

If you’re a writer, I’m sure you’re always looking for ways to better yourself… well, practice makes perfect. It’s no myth that you become better every time you write. But, as we all know, sometimes it can be hard to just write. So, I’m jotting down some of my very favorite, very fun, writing exercises. These can also be used to help overcome writer’s block, if you’re unlucky enough to be struggling with that.

First off, this is practice and I hardly ever publish any of these… if it’s really good, I might consider it, but I go in without the intention of publishing. This is just to get my mind spinning, and more importantly: To have fun!

1) I really love picking a character from one of my stories and writing a “sidetrack” story. This can consist of anything… perhaps it takes place in the future, or in his/her past, or even in the present with different characters. This is a very personal experience and you can get to know your character better and better… I do this a lot when writing a novel, so I have a good background view on my characters. Most times, it will spark an idea for the actual novel I’m writing.

2) This exercise requires 30 small pieces of paper, 3 glasses, and a wild imagination!
Take 10 small pieces of paper, and on each one write down a different thing (such as “red shoes” “a lamp” “a blouse” “rainbow” “a blanket” etc. etc.) Put them in glass number one.
Then, take another 10 small pieces of paper, and on each one write down a different place (such as “a desert” “NYC” “the country” “the mall” “the store” “the park” “a playground” “on a bus” “Empire State Building” “The library” etc. etc…. or my favorite “a castle”) Place these in glass number three.
Next, take the last ten pieces of paper and write a profession on each one. And get creative… here are a few of my favorite to get your mind churning. “Ninja” “Spy” “Assassin” “Doll-Maker” “Professional Villain” “Computer Hacker” “Con-Artist” “Pickpocket” “Burglar” “Santa Clause” “The Easter Bunny” “Superman” “a baby” “Paleontologist.” Then place these in the third jar.
Now, close your eyes and pick ONE piece of paper from each jar. Now, write one story including all three of the subjects that you drew. It can get pretty wild and ridiculous! Remember to have fun, go to extremes, and it doesn’t even have to make sense ;D
If this is too easy for you – mix it up with a fourth jar consisting of time periods “The 80s'” or “the 1500s” – this is also a great refresher on your history skills😉

3) This one requires friends… preferably more than three. Everyone sits in a circle with a piece of lined paper in front of them and a pencil. On the count of three, everybody writes down two sentences on their piece of paper. Folds the piece over one of the sentences and passes it to the right. The person on the right should only be able to read one of the sentences the previous person wrote. The person then writes two sentences, folds the paper, and passes it to the right again. This goes on until the piece of paper is full… the stories most likely won’t make sense, but it will be fun and make you laugh. There will be so many stories going, you’ll most likely lose track of which is which and how it started.

4) Here’s a great website that generates plots for you, this can make for some fun stories.

5) A while ago, a friend told me about a contest he’d heard about on the radio. I didn’t enter, but I found the guidelines very fun to play around with. It’s called “The Three Minute Story” And no, you don’t have three minutes to write it. The idea is for you to write a story that can be read aloud in three minutes (No more than 600 words… yes, 600, not 601, 602, 603, or 900… just 600 or less) Doesn’t sound too hard, right? Well, factor this into the equation: it starts with “Some people swore the house was haunted.” And ends with “Nothing was ever the same after that.”
This is great because you really have to figure out what is important in the story, and what is fluff. This exercise can really improve your revising/editing skills, which every writer must be good at. Limiting yourself to 600 words is brilliant, especially with a plot line that obviously a lot must happen in. I try to do this exercise every couple months. And, as I am sure you can see, my revising skills improved greatly between Impending Doom and Sly Darkness.

Think it’s too short? Well, I will recite what is perhaps the shortest story on record: “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” This is reportedly composed by Hemingway on a bet that he couldn’t write a story less than ten words.

And there you go! Have fun playing around with these… if you have your own fun writing exercises, please feel free to comment them – I’m always looking for great, fun ways to improve my writing.

As always, thanks for your interest.

— Kya Aliana

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Someone Order a Cliff-Hanger?

Just a friendly reminder that the next part in Adrenaline has posted with probably this most shocking, suspenseful, and riveting part so far… also, the cliff-hanger is so insane that I’m nearly ready to post the next part just to get it over with! haha.

So head on over to my site and read it under the “free stories” tab – OR CLICK HERE

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Kya Aliana

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I’m happy to say that I have launched an “Interviews” tab on my website. I have interviewed many famous and favorite authors for my local library’s newspaper and blog… I thought it would be fun to post them here from time to time.

The first one is up and I have interviewed the most amazing 12-year-old author. She already has a novel, Pintus, and award-winning short stories!

So head on over to my site and click the “interviews” tab.😉

— Kya Aliana

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Don’t Tell…

If you’re a writer, you’ve probably heard it near a million times. The most common writing advice you’ll ever receive: “Show, Don’t Tell.” There’s a reason this is the advice you will most hear: It’s True! Showing and not telling is what separates the great writers, from the okay writers.

Readers want to feel what the character is experiencing. This means that the character needs to come to life… the best way to do this? You guessed it! “Show, don’t tell.” If you tell something, it gets boring. But if you show something… show how the character is feeling through their actions, through their words, through situations, and interactions with other characters. If your characters come to life, your readers will find themselves attached, and then they will laugh when your character laughs, cry when your character cries, smiles when your character smiles, and get frustrated when your character is frustrated.

Good writing, is making a connection between your reader and your character. Another good way to do this, is to give your character little characteristics that your reader can relate to. The best way to do this: body language. The way your character “shrugs his shoulders,” or “stuffs his hands in his pockets,” or “shifts between his feet” all in awkward situations can really make the reader relate. You want the reader to think “Oh, I’ve been there before.” So, try and put your character in many realistic situations and feel many common things. Everybody feels awkward at times, everybody feels confident at times, everybody feels out of place at times, or insecure, or like they don’t exactly fit in.

If you can get your reader and character to connect, you have put your foot in the writing door. You have taken the first step in becoming a well known writer… you have started along a very promising path. The way you do this: Show, Don’t Tell.

This can be very hard to do… especially because when we talk to another person about an event, we just tell them, we don’t go into what his face looked like, or how he reacted to certain words, or what exactly we were thinking at time. Mostly it goes like this “Well I was like, ‘blah blah blah.’ and then he was like ‘uh!’ and then I totally just walked. I’m so done with this!” This is not good writing… so you really have to separate yourself from real-life communications and think “How can I make the reader feel like they are here, watching, experiencing this situation.” Describe the little things, and add the tiny characteristics that bring characters to life.

Most importantly, keep writing; practice makes perfect and you become a better writer with every word.

As always, thanks for reading,
Kya Aliana

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Women Writers Using Male Pen Names

In the literary world, there are many women authors who don’t use their full name. Instead, they use names that give the illusion they are a man.
J.K. Rowling (Joanne Rowling) is one of the most popular examples.
Nora Roberts was already a best selling author when she decided to write mystery novels under “J.D. Robb”
M.W. Benson (Mildred Wirt Benson) wrote many of The Nancy Drew books.

These are just a few of the more modern ones… there are several more in the present and in the past.

I’m here asking, why is this? Why do women feel they need to write under a male name? Or is it in fact more the publishers? Or is it the simple fact that boys even in today’s society won’t buy a book written by a woman?

If it is indeed the publishers, then they must think it will sell better. Which means, they think that people are more likely to read books written by men. I’m not entirely sure where they got this thinking… After all, this isn’t the 1800s anymore.

It seems as though, using the Harry Potter Series as an example, that many realized while reading this that women can write just as exciting and riveting stories as men. So, it doesn’t seem to me that an ordinary person would pick up a book, read the back cover and say “Wow, this looks awesome… but it’s written by a girl. Oh, well, I can’t read this now.” It just doesn’t seem like a logical conclusion.

If it’s not either of those, then that leaves us with the women themselves. In this case, why would a women feel she must go under a man’s name? Is it the fact that she feels she won’t be respected as an author in the same way? Is it the fact that she’s worried about sales? Does she think that because she’s a girl, people will automatically categorize her books as girly? Do we have a societal women’s self esteem issue? Not only this, but in our society, are we still so male-dominated that men are afraid of equality in the workplace and publishinghouse? Even if many males are okay with it, how many aren’t? How many are subconsciously afraid of it? And therefore, how many women feel subconsciously oppressed?

There is no answer, as many of these women probably have different answers, and nobody knows what the most common one is. It’s been proven that men and women can write all different genres and it’s not limited to one gender or another.

My books, Sly Darkness and Impending Doom, have been called many things, but none of them are “girly” or “lovey-dovey” or “ridiculously nonsensical.” I believe my books are enjoyed by both genders who love books that are called “Suspenseful” “Riveting” “Crazy” “Cleverly Surprising” “Creepy” and “Mind-Blowing”

I chose not to write under a male pen name, because I really didn’t see the use of it or what it would do for me. I am me. I am Kya Aliana. People will either buy my books, or they won’t. People will either like my books, or they won’t. It’s a preference, and that’s okay with me. But I am proud of what I write, and I am proud to link it with my name, and I will stand tall and hopefully one day, my dream of being a famous, well-known-for-her-great-books author will come true.

As always, thanks for reading,
Kya Aliana

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